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Flat-Fee MLS Listing in Illinois

When it's time to sell a home in Illinois, homeowners have many options. Traditional methods involve real estate agents who charge a percentage of the home's selling price as a commission. However, this can result in hefty fees, sometimes biting deep into the seller's profit margin.

There's also the choice of selling the home independently, but this might be daunting for many, particularly those unfamiliar with the real estate market's intricacies.

There's a third option that strikes a perfect balance - a flat fee MLS listing in Illinois. This service allows homeowners to list their homes on multiple listing services (MLS) for a simple, upfront fee. This method combines the best of both worlds.


Control Over the Cost of Selling Your Home

With a flat fee MLS listing in Illinois, homeowners have more control over their budget. Instead of paying a large commission, they pay a straightforward fee upfront to have their home listed on multiple platforms.

This approach also allows sellers to choose any additional services they want. Our packages are tailored to meet your unique needs.

We offer three packages to homeowners:

  • The Basic Package- This package offers up to 10 photos and a listing term of three months.

  • The Premium Package- Includes up to 25 photos and a listing term of six months.

  • The Premium Plus Package- This package provides professional photography and a listing term of a year.

Do you need help determining what package is right for you? If so, contact our team today for some advice.

The Unmatched Reach of MLS Listings


When you list your home on the MLS with a flat fee listing, many people see your property. It's like standing on a stage with a spotlight on you and your home. This is because MLS is not just one place; it's a network of tons of real estate websites. 

You get the chance to showcase your home's features and location, which can attract potential buyers from far and wide. With such exposure, you're more likely to find a buyer quickly.

At Gates and Gables, we understand that selling a home is difficult. That's why we offer our clients personalized support from beginning to end. Our team of professionals will guide you through the entire process.

Direct Involvement

With a flat fee MLS listing in Illinois, homeowners are not just bystanders in the process – they become active participants in marketing their property. This hands-on approach can be empowering.

For starters, homeowners can set the asking price of the home. This means they can decide what their property is worth and have control over the potential profits.

Homeowners can also choose the best photos that show off their property. They know the home's best angles and can select the photos they feel will catch a buyer's eye.

This direct involvement in marketing the property saves homeowners money and allows them to participate actively in the selling process.

It's Time to Create Your Flat Fee MLS Listing in Illinois!

At Gates and Gables, we pride ourselves on providing exceptional service to our clients. Contact us today to learn more about flat-fee MLS listings in Illinois!

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