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Closing the Deal: 3 Advanced Negotiation Tactics for Flat Fee MLS Sellers

As a seller using a flat fee MLS in Illinois, you have made the smart choice to save money while still gaining exposure for your property. However, once you receive an offer on your home, it's important to know how to negotiate effectively to close the deal and get the best possible outcome.

Failing to negotiate can result in you losing money. This is why embracing the negotiation tactics covered in this blog is so important.

Keep reading to learn some advanced negotiation tactics for flat-fee MLS sellers.

Master the Art of the Counteroffer

Don't just zoom in on changing the price to perfect your counteroffer game. Think about terms that could make the deal sweeter for buyers. For instance, flexible move-in dates can appeal to buyers who need time to transition. Also, consider leaving behind appliances that people often want. This can make your home stand out without lowering the price much.

Remember, your goal is to make your offer hard to pass up. Offer things that don't cost you a lot but add value for the buyer. This way, you get a better deal while making the buyer happy. It's about finding a win-win by thinking beyond the usual price drop.

Emphasize Exclusivity and Urgency

When creating your flat fee MLS listing in Illinois, you can highlight unique aspects of your property that can generate a sense of urgency among potential buyers. For example, if you recently made upgrades to your home, mention them in your listing to showcase the added value for buyers.

Additionally, emphasize the desirability of your neighborhood and any limited-time incentives you may be offering. This could include paying for the first year of a home warranty, which can be a significant selling point for buyers. By emphasizing the exclusivity and urgency of your property, you can create a sense of competition among potential buyers and potentially drive up the offer price.

Know Your Bottom Line But Don't Show It

Before talking to buyers, figure out the lowest price you're willing to take for your home. Keep this number to yourself to help you in the talks. Knowing your bottom line gives you confidence and helps guide the conversation toward a positive result.

Be careful not to reveal this number during negotiations. It can give buyers an upper hand and potentially lead to them offering even less than your bottom line. Keep it in mind as a reference point, but do not reveal it upfront. This will help you stay in control of the negotiation process.

Need Help With Your Flat Fee MLS in Illinois?

We understand that selling your home can be a daunting task. That's why we offer flat fee MLS services in Illinois to help you save money and gain maximum exposure for your property.

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