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Prep It, List It, Sell It

Updated: May 16, 2023

It is time to get your house in order - both figuratively and literally - if you want to sell it. Getting your house ready for sale involves more than just decluttering and staging; it also requires making any necessary repairs or upgrades. This can be a daunting task, but it is well worth your time and effort to ensure a successful sale.

Start by going through your house room by room and making a list of any necessary repairs or improvements. Once you have a complete list, you can start tackle each item one by one. Some repairs or upgrades may be simple and inexpensive, while others may be more costly and time-consuming. Regardless, it is important to attend to all items on your list before putting your house on the market.

In addition to repairs and upgrades, you will also need to declutter and stage your house. Decluttering means getting rid of any personal items or unnecessary clutter that would make your house look cluttered or unkempt. This includes things like personal photos, collections, and extra furniture.

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