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Snap and Sell: 4 Photos to Include in Your Flat Fee MLS Listing

Updated: Nov 21, 2023

In the world of real estate, a picture is worth a thousand words. High-quality, compelling images can be the decisive factor that sparks interest and drives potential buyers to your doorstep.

Having the right assortment of photos in your flat fee listing in Illinois can make all the difference in selling your property swiftly and successfully. High-quality images let potential buyers see what your home has to offer.

Here are some photos you need to include in your flat fee MLS listing.

The Front Exterior of Your Home

The first impression is always the most important. Make sure to include a clear photo of the front of your house. It should be taken during the day when the light brings out the best in your property.

This image will be the first thing potential buyers see, so an appealing and inviting front view can spark their interest immediately. Capture the uniqueness of your home, its charm, and the potential it holds. Remember, a great picture is more than a decoration for your listing—it's your first handshake with a potential buyer.

Take Pictures of Your Backyard

The backyard is an extension of your home, a space for recreation and relaxation. High-quality photos of your backyard can significantly add to the appeal of your flat fee listing in Illinois.

Here's why they're vital:

  • Showcases potential: A well-maintained backyard image can indicate the potential of the outdoor space. Potential buyers can envision barbecues, gatherings, or a playground for kids.

  • Highlights features: If your backyard has unique features like a pool, a garden, or a deck, photos let you highlight these selling points.

  • Boosts perceived value: A beautiful backyard can add to the overall impression of your home, boosting its perceived value.

  • Encourages visualization: Seeing the backyard can help potential buyers visualize living in your home, stimulating an emotional connection.

Every photo is a chance to convince buyers that your house could be their future home.

The Kitchen is the Heart of Your Home

The kitchen is often seen as the heart of the home. This space is where meals are prepared, memories are made, and family and friends gather. A clear, well-staged photo of your kitchen is a must for your flat fee listing in Illinois.

A brightly lit image can highlight the space, the appliances, and unique features. It helps potential buyers imagine cooking, entertaining, or enjoying their morning coffee in your kitchen. An appealing kitchen photo can stir emotions and make your property feel like home to potential buyers.

Highlight the Bathrooms

Bathrooms are critical areas in any home—especially the master bathroom. Not only is it a private retreat, but it also speaks volumes about the home's overall comfort and convenience. Therefore, including high-quality photos of your master bathroom and any other significantly designed bathrooms in your flat fee listing is essential.

Focus on capturing their modern fixtures, spacious layout, and recent renovations. Do you have a marble vanity, a sleek walk-in shower, or a luxurious soaking tub? Make sure these features shine in your photos.

Provide Us With Pictures For Your Flat Fee Listing in Illinois!

Once you have these photos, send them to us so we can include them in your flat fee listing in Illinois. With our help, you can create a listing that grabs attention.

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